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Introduction, Must Read before Joining :) WRITE ME FIRST

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:18 am
by Karnautrahl
Note to shy registrants-Check the note at the bottom of this post :).

I admit, we're fussy. There's a bunch of people we're not inclined to let register here :)

Spambots, spammers, trolls are not coming in here. End of.

If you are a mechaphile however, you are warmly invited to join in-lurk for a while, get to know us, and join in. We'd love it if you introduced yourself in introductions of course..and showed us your lover(s)?

However to get there, you need to register. It's a pain, I'm sorry-but your privacy and a high quality forum is worth it right?

Registration has a pain in the ass captcha and then still requires I let you in. What a pain in the ass. For me-because then I need you to write to me. Email me and explain why you want to join us. It doesn't matter what vehicle/machines you actually love-whilst the majority are car lovers here, many cross over (even if only in imagination) to other "species" like planes, bikes, trucks, boats etc. So email me and I will approve you.

Your emails are confidential so if you are dead shy and really not ready to reveal all to us, that isn't a problem.

karnautrahl (at) gmail (dot) com is the mail address to talk to me at. Obviously include your username on here :).

An msn/yahoo address is useful in case you want to messenger folks here as well.

If you can tell me a better way to ensure privacy and sanctity of our forum without such a pain in the ass system, I'm open to ideas!!

Note:Shy folks. There's usually a reason that you are shy about this or find it awkward to discuss. Usually its the younger folks that feel this way. Chances are you found us by chance, via LULZ type stuff on 4chan or some other thing where some fun was being made of it. Or you found is with a search you did.

Either way till you did that search, you thought you was either alone, or very rare. It isn't common for sure-alone you are not. Many of our members felt and probably still feel a little awkward.

First of all, a common internal question is "Is there something wrong with me?". Unless you have no self control at all (as in you'd jump a hot motor in public with no thought to consequences LOL), then no. Our brains are more complex than any other creature on the planet. The pathways that deal with desire, sex, emotions etc are actually very flexible.

The part of the brain that recognises faces and emotion, also lights up when recognising cars and car features. So it's hardly surprising that there's sometimes a generalisation that gets linked to pleasure and sex. Besides cars are designed to be sexy as hell and appeal to desire.

It's not "normal" in the sense of what the majority of people enjoy, but is there a special virtue in "normal"? Not really. As long as sexual interests cause no harm to another then criticism is unwarranted.

I'm quite happy to chat to new members who are too nervous or who have any difficulties related to this interest on msn messenger. Contact me via gmail and we'll talk further.

It annoys the hell out of Volkstroker that I'm studying neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapy because I get to sometimes talking a little jargon :) Can't be helped, I'm human and everyone's got faults. I just collect them for fun :).

Hope you have fun once you do get in here!!
Don't forget stories and contributions all make the forum a more inviting place for future mechaphiles.

P.S If a certain member thinks this is long winded...that's because it IS, so bollox :).